DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE5 Mile Radius7 Mile Radius10 Mile Radius
2017 Estimated Population13,64022,33934,177
Daytime Population22,14331,24640,141
Median HH Income$37,799$40,877$41,567
Number of Households5,2858,58113,218
10 Minute DT15 Minute DT20 Minute DT
2017 Estimated Population13,02526,58039,920
Daytime Population24,50935,96248,056
Median HH Income$40,344$41,154$40,373
Number of Households5,05510,20815,244

Source: STI PopStats

Daytime Population – 24, 509 (10 Minute Drive Time)

Fort Payne Daytime Population

Focus Categories

The top categories for focused growth in the municipality are pulled from a combination of leakage reports, peer analysis, retail trends and real estate intuition. Although these are the top categories, Retail Stategies’ efforts are inclusive beyond the defined list. Let us know how we can help you find a site!

Fort Payne Focus Categories