Well, to all my stylist friends, nail technicians and massage therapists…Will I ever see you again? Today, I wish I was the person who scheduled appointments well in advance. Unfortunately, I’m not, so I shall wait my turn. Oh how thankful I am to see that all these establishments have the option to open. Mostly because we all need them. Trust me, you do. I’m only half joking! Like always, I do have some advice. Ready?

Please respect these wonderful professionals. They are trying their best to work all their clients in, and every client is just as important as the next. Trust me when I tell you, they are thankful for you and love you dearly. However, you are among the hundreds of clients they appreciate and adore–all in need of an appointment.

I wonder…is this going to be like Black Friday? Will people be lined up fighting to get in for a haircut or a style? Please don’t let that person be you. If you see that my hair has been cut and colored before yours, will you unfriend me on facebook? Of course, you would never do that…um, right?

On a serious note, please remember to stay safe and still take precautions. COVID-19 has not gone away. Don’t live in fear, just live cautiously. It’s pretty clear that handwashing is a must, staying home if you feel sick in general is a good idea, and while hard from some (me), you don’t have to touch everyone you see.

Good luck to all my friends about to embark on the rescheduling journey, may those nuggets of kindness stick with you, rather than any negative that may come your way.