Update Your Listing

To start, click the Update Your Information button on the login page.

Edit Organization

To edit your website listing, click the View Profile / Editor Profile button under your Organization.

Upload Logo

You can add a logo to your listing by clicking the Upload button.

Contact Information

Edit or add any contact information in the Contact Information section. Be sure to fill in your website URL and your social media URLs so visitors can find out more information about your company.

Edit Listing

In this section is where you manage the additional details that will show on your website listing in our member directly. Add a description, special offer or change your listing category, by clicking the edit link.


Add a description to tell visitors to our site exactly what your business does. Give as many details as you can!

The current category that your website listing displays under is shown here. If you would like to change this category, click the See the List button.


A pop-up window will appear where you can choose a new category.

Special Offer

In this section, you can add a special offer that will display on our Local Specials page. Be sure to click the Offer Expires checkbox and input dates for how long you would like the offer to display and be valid.

Save Listing

Be sure to click the Save Listing button to save any information that you’ve input so far.

In the address section, you can update your address that displays on your listing, or add a new address.


After all your changes, click the Save button at the very bottom.