Commitment to Healthcare

Patrick Trammell, the CEO of DeKalb Regional Medical Center, grew up in Cantonment Florida, just north of Pensacola.  Spending his childhood in the shadow of Cantonment’s mills, plants and supporting businesses he is very familiar with the impact industry can have on a small town.  Growing up so close to a major vacation spot, he is also no stranger to the positive effects of tourism.  As a young man, Trammell became familiar with Fort Payne via Mentone, a favorite vacation spot of his soon to be in-laws. When he was transferred to Fort Payne as the CEO of the hospital, it was a move he was more than happy to make. He will tell you living here is even better than visiting.

Patrick and his wife Stephanie met at UAB where she was working on her Occupational Therapy Degree, and he was finishing his Masters programs. They have four children, 3 girls and 1 very funny little boy. The children all attend school or Mother’s Day Out in Fort Payne. The Trammell family attends First United Methodist Church in Fort Payne and has made wonderful friends since moving here 19 months ago. They are an outdoorsy family, with a love for hunting and fishing. Patrick occasionally takes the girls turkey hunting with him. Speaking of birds, the Trammells also have their own chicken coup at their home in town, and yes, it is Home Owner Association approved.

Patrick enjoys working at DeKalb Regional Medical Center. His staff is top notch, their service lines are growing, and the hospital has great quality and safety ratings, something the staff works hard to maintain. Patrick and his staff are recruiting new Physicians to the area and looking for ways to better serve the community. It’s reassuring to know our small town has sub-specialty services such as Cardiology, Neurology and Orthopedics conveniently situated in Fort Payne.

I can tell you it is so very important to support our local hospital.  It provides over 500 jobs for the community. And, industry and businesses are unlikely to move to a community without adequate healthcare. So, when you think about traveling for what you think may be better healthcare, consider that the Physicians choosing to practice here in Fort Payne are as highly trained and accomplished as those in larger cities. Plus, you are supporting your community by staying local.

Thank you, Patrick Trammell, for serving on the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and for your commitment to making healthcare in DeKalb County a priority.

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