Carol Beddingfield

Executive Director

August 30, 2017


Chamber Chatter

Congratulations to Chris Donohoo, co-owner of Donohoo Auto, for being named the University of Alabama at Birmingham owner of one of the top three companies valued at over $10 million. Each year UAB recognizes a graduate who has been very successful in the business world. Chris and his brother, Pete, acquired Donohoo Chevrolet LLC in November 2013. At the time, the dealership had 22 employees.  The inventory consisted of 35 cars and trucks. After three years, Donohoo Chevrolet LLC had 78 employees and an inventory of over 400 cars.

Today, the Fort Payne dealership has 88 employees with an inventory of over 500 vehicles. These figures do not include those of the dealerships owned by Chris and Pete. The brothers started out selling used cars while still in college from the front yard of the house they were renting. Their dad told me the funniest story about his boys being evicted from the house. They told their dad the reason was due to the cars. Thinking they only had a couple of cars, their dad was about to complain.  However, when he asked the boys how many their reply was 17!

This story is an example of how the boys were thinking huge even then. Life took them in different directions.  Chris became a pro baseball player and Pete a CPA. Their passion for selling cars continued so they joined forces to open their first dealership. Being car owners themselves, Chris and Pete believe that the customer should be provided the kind of courtesy, service and respect that they would expect. Donohoo is a company that believes in putting the customer first. The goal is to deliver value to the customer and to make sure they enjoy every step in the car buying and car servicing process.

Donohoo Chevrolet was awarded the statewide bid to provide Chevrolet Trucks and Chevrolet Tahoes to all state, counties and municipalities in Alabama. Chris also complimented UAB. He thanked them for providing him with the skills needed to prepare him for life after academics.

It is an honor to have these two strong individuals providing the solutions to car buying in Fort Payne. Donohoo Chevrolet is a member of the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce.