September 13, 2017

Carol Beddingfield

Executive Director


Chamber Chatter

As I sit at my desk trying to decide what to write for my last Chamber Chatter, memories flood my mind of previous ones. It has truly been a wonderful experience getting to know the companies who make up the business community of Fort Payne. I have enjoyed getting to know the people who are responsible for not only creating the idea but also for the day to day operation of the business.

I also got to know the owners and managers on a more personal basis. I did not know that Mary Summerville, Summerville Real Estate, had worked on the Salk vaccine in an earlier career.  Brenda Jones, Woodson Jones Chevrolet, had worked on the Saturn V project and was also a pattern designer which were published in national magazines. Bobby Ledbetter, Twin Cities Used Car Sales, grew up in my home town. I love learning about his career history which began at age 16 when he bought his first car lot.

These individuals are just a few of the hundreds whom I have come to know that make a difference in our community. I am grateful to the all the Chamber Board of Directors who have had the confidence in me to proceed with some of the “craziest” ideas that they have ever heard. The look on the board’s faces when I proposed the rolling billboard through selling ads to wrap a donated vehicle was priceless.

The shock that my husband had when I told him the Chamber was going to host the Crimson Caravan will always bring a smile to my face especially when I had to ask him what a Crimson Caravan was! The business banners with employees holding the Championship crystal ball was one of the best projects during my time.

I could go on about my time at the Chamber and what it has meant. However, I look forward to the new projects promoting our city.  I know the new director, Jennifer McCurdy, will help our city move forward.  After all, who would not want to live in the “Coolest Place in Alabama”!