May 10, 2017

Carol Beddingfield

Executive Director


Chamber Chatter


What do Mom’s really want for Mother’s Day? You hear the same response when you ask her, “Do not get me anything.  All I want is your love.”


Mothers are really sincere when they make this statement. Until one holiday you really just give them all your love!!!


So, let Fort Payne’s local businesses help you out with the decision on what to buy this special person.


You can find that special gift right here in Fort Payne without going out of town.


The very young who want to give a handmade gift can find the supplies at Tracy’s.


Go on a treasure hunt for that unique, one of a kind gift at The S House Antiques, Reclaimed Antiques, or the Big Mill Antique Mall.


For a huge selection of gift ideas, I encourage you visit the Wishing Well, Addie Kate’s, or the Rusted Arrow. Roger’s Pawn Shop always has great ideas for the mom who loves jewelry.


You will find what you are looking for in clothing at Fort Payne Footworks, Golden Treasures, or Hammer’s.


Fashion trends can be overwhelming. Take for instance, the $600 mud stained jeans that are selling like crazy.


Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs had the perfect comment, “The jeans are a costume for wealthy people who see work as ironic.”


Casual Friday has become common in the workplace. Many companies have extended it to include the whole workweek.


Some people who still dress conventionally are seen as “trying too hard. It is hard to imagine a better definition of trying too hard than paying hundreds of dollars for pre-mud stained designer jeans!


No matter your mom’s age or fashion, I am sure you can find just the perfect gift at one of Fort Payne’s businesses. You will be giving twice – a present to your mom and a gift of tax dollars to support all the services that we have come to expect.