Learning from Each Other


Do you feel like you are chasing your tail trying to figure out how to find, hire and keep good employees? You are not alone. It’s a struggle most companies face—even small business owners. Have you ever taken a step back and thought,“What I am doing isn’t working, maybe I should try a different approach?”Well…maybe you should.


Even if you are fully staffed and things are going great, you will experience employee turnover. Are you prepared? Understanding what the younger generation, also known as Millennials, look for in a job could set you apart from other businesses.


This Thursday, November 1st, the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce, Fort Payne Main Street, and Northeast Alabama Community College’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter will host ‘Success in Sixty’ beginning at 11:30 am at the DeKalb Theatre.


Why should you care? Our guest speaker, Heather Lebischak with genWHY Communications, will share information about generational differences in the workplace. For example, to the younger employee, it could be that vacation time is more valuable than retirement contributions. Should you offer different job packages based on the person you are considering? Companies that are flexing and making these kinds of changes areattracting employees and realizing higher retention rates.Don’t get left behind and stuck in the same ole way of thinking.


We can all learn from each other. This Thursday, let’s learn something aboutMillennials, their way of thinking, and how we integrate the younger generation into our workforce. I have already learned a few things from some very smart and competent Millennials, and I’m thankful for them. We ‘seasoned’ folks can also teach the Millennials a thing or two. In any business, the key to successis working together and utilizing the collective strengths of a diverse workforce.Over the next few years, Millennials will be a major part of our workforce. Let’s prepare now!


I hope to see you Thursday, November 1st. We need to know if you plan to join us, so email info@fortpaynechamber.com or call us at 256.845.2741. If you are a Chamber Member lunch is on us, otherwise your meal will be $10, and you can enjoy a great speaker while you lunch.