Business Growth Opportunities         

Did you know there are free services and even loans for small businesses? You are not alone we can help you. It’s a risk starting your own business, but with a great business plan and financial assistance, your dream could be a reality.

Jacksonville State University Small Business Development Center (JSU SBDC) has partnered with the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce to provide free individual consultation services to our members. They can assist you with a business plan, financial plan, marketing plan and provide you with a market analysis. It’s always recommended prior to starting a business or seeking financial assistance to have a business plan in place; JSU SBDC can help you with your plan. If you are an existing business and would like business advice, JSU SBDC has a plethora of resources. They are more than happy to help you grow in the business you may already own.

Additionally, financial assistance is also available. Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments (TARCOG) also offers a revolving loan fund that provides supplemental financing for expanding and new businesses. You will need a solid business plan before applying, so reaching out to JSU SBDC would be your first stop. Funds through TARCOG can be used for commercial land and building acquisition, construction, renovation or repair of commercial building, machinery and equipment purchases, working capital or business acquisitions. It’s a leap of faith starting a business, but utilizing local resources available in your community could make a significant difference in getting off to the best start.

Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce is happy to connect you with the appropriate resource(s) for your business. For more information about services offered through the Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce, email us at or call us at 256.845.2741.