The Fort Payne Chamber of Commerce and DeKalb County Economic Development Authority, in partnership with Fort Payne High School, invites you to be a part of our new Career Development Program. We are seeking employers from a wide variety of industries and professions to share your knowledge with the upcoming workforce. This program was developed in response to our community’s struggle with employment and our goal is to help our local economy maintain a stable workforce.


People are much more likely to apply for a job that they have already been exposed to. By giving students the opportunity to come into your business, meet people, and see what you are all about, students will be much more likely to apply for your jobs.


This program gives you the opportunity to provide the upcoming workforce with knowledge and insight. Also, it is more impactful for students to see the day-to-day operations of your profession than just reading about it online or listening to an information session about it.


Our main goal for this program is to boost employment. By exposing students to local industry, we hope to instill a desire to stay and work in Fort Payne. This is a win for you and students; it strengthens our local economy and provides students with the foundation for a career.

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Closed for 2023

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