The economy in Fort Payne is evolving , but in very impressive ways. The hosiery industry is partially moving to cheaper labor markets, but many locally owned mills are thriving by offering American-made quality and quick production. Many feared a large increase in unemployment due to this condition, but the addition of more and more businesses has offset the losses in jobs.

Recently, a distribution center for The Children’s Place was completed that employs over 200 people. The center is expected to expand. Other national and international companies have locations here as well, including companies like PlayCore playground equipment, Ovalstrapping strap machinery and strap, Heil Waste/Refuse Removal trucks and Siemens Westinghouse.

Our city’s great location is very convenient for businesses. Directly on Interstate 59, 2 hours or less from Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga and Huntsville, and a Norfolk Southern rail line…these are great benefits for commerce.

The taxes here are low and there is virtually no union representation in our industries.

For more information about doing business in this community, be sure to visit the DeKalb County Economic Development Authority for detailed information. For information about Fort Payne commerce, please contact us.