Fort Payne Churches


Allen Memorial Baptist Church 6602 Allen Switch Road Fort Payne 256-647-8739

Central Baptist Church,1400 Clark Ave. NE, Fort Payne 997-9100

Delmar Baptist Church, 1305 Adamsburg Rd. E, Fort Payne 845-6501

First Baptist Church of Douglas, 304 11th St. SE, Fort Payne 845-7746

First Baptist Church, 106 Grand Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-2015

Gault Ave. Baptist Church, 1308 Gault Ave., Fort Payne 845-0124

Godfrey Ave. Baptist Church, 1615 Godfrey Ave. NE, Fort Payne 997-9303

Gravel Hill Baptist Church, 14701 US Hwy. 11 S, Fort Payne 845-1305

Highland Baptist Church, 2005 Clark Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-6260

Minvale Baptist Church, 205 19th St. NW, Fort Payne 845-1048

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, 702 Clark Ave., Fort Payne 845-2746

Mt. Herman Baptist Church, 2077 Co. Rd. 555, Fort Payne 845-4002

Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church, 260 Co. Rd. 209, Fort Payne 845-6800

Northside Missionary Baptist Church, 3006 Gault Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-4345

Pine Ridge Baptist Church, 1726 Co. Rd. 835, Fort Payne 845-0850

Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, Fort Payne 623-3110

Ruhama Baptist Church, 3310 Co. Rd. 81, Fort Payne 997-0142

Second Baptist Church, 1021 Grand Ave. NW, Fort Payne 845-3112

Southeast Baptist Church, 605 5th St. SE, Fort Payne 845-6045

Street Side Baptist Church, 2002 Wallace Ave. NE, Fort Payne 845-7748

Union Hill Baptist Church, 2525 Fischer Rd. NE, Fort Payne 845-4405

Welcome Hill Baptist Church, 900 Co. Rd. 52, Fort Payne 523-9422

Valley Head Baptist Church,265 Church St. Valley Head 256-465-1242


Our Lady of The Valley Catholic Church, 2813 Gault Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-4774

Church of Christ

Church of Christ, 513 Grand Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-0621

Church of God/Church of God of Prophecy

Fort Payne Church of God, 505 Williams Ave. NE, Fort Payne 845-5949

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 6611 Banks Dr. NW, Ft Payne 845-0467


St. Phillips Episcopal Church, 2813 Godfrey Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-1192

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Airport Rd., Fort Payne 845-6486


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 1519 SW Smith Gap Road, Fort Payne, 845-4842


Asbury United Methodist Church, 4510-A Gault Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-4169

First United Methodist Church, 209 AL Ave. NW, Fort Payne 845-6450

New Oregon United Methodist, 1204 New Oregon Dr. NE, Fort Payne 845-7446

St. Paul United Methodist Church, 303 9th St. NW, Fort Payne 845-2717


Briarwood Community Church of the Nazarene, 2200 Briarwood Ave. SW, Fort Payne 845-4673


Fort Payne Christian Center 3610A Grand Ave. SW, Fort Payne 997-0047

Fort Payne Family Worship Center, 3901 Grand Ave. SW, Fort Payne 997-9537

Word of Faith 18140 AL Highway 176, Fort Payne 844-4705

Fort Payne Christian Life Center 3012 Greenhill Blvd NW Fort Payne 418-2190

United Pentecostal

Greater Life Pentecostal Church 3502 Godfrey Ave. NE, Fort Payne 256-622-2148


First Presbyterian Church, 300 Grand Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-2915

Grace Presbyterian Church, 5760 Gault Ave. N, Fort Payne 845-4756

Seventh – Day Adventist

Seventh Day Adventist Church, 2062 Co. Rd. 88, Fort Payne 845-3622


Mt. Carmel Wesleyan Church, 5414 Co. Rd. 255, Fort Payne 845-5350